About Dr. Mom

Dr. Mom is a tag team– a voice created from a mother-daughter duo who are dedicated to providing accessible, need-to-know information on Cannabidiol (CBD).

Dr. Biljana Kostovic is a physician operating in Toronto, Canada, where she helps patients with chronic pain. She discovered the benefits of CBD through her practice and has since then felt that the need to educate users around the globe is a necessary, but challenging endeavour. She has worked with her patients to develop appropriate uses of CBD in her practice and would like to share her knowledge to those who need it.

Katarina Kostovic is her daughter who works in the cannabis industry in Toronto as an educator and writer. During her time in the industry, she discovered that cannabidiol can benefit almost everyone, given that they know how to use it. To her, it is a clear understanding of CBD that can help users maximize the positive outcomes of CBD use.