If CBD had Facebook

Much of the world has begun to toss around the words ‘psychoactive’ and ‘intoxicating’ into the same bag, even though they are different cats. The coagulation of these terms is derived from our misconception of cannabis as a substance.

Intoxicating suggests that there is a loss of coordination or change in proprioception that leans towards minimizing the control you have over your physical and mental functioning. Psychoactive implies a change in a ‘state-of-mind’ that isn’t always accompanied with intoxication.

If Cannabidiol had a profile on facebook, its one-liner would be: ’mind-over-matter’. A profile picture of a calm, even-keeled and grounded human being. CBD has been popularized for its anxiolytic effects, meaning that it can help manage feelings of anxiety and stress.

The effects felt from CBD are largely along these lines. It helps users maintain steady mood and energy levels while keeping panic and anxiety at bay. Overall, it helps to clarify situations and enlighten your state of mind when used as a daily supplement.