• No Thanks, Cortisol

    We stress too much. Chronic stress can come from seemingly innocent things: exposure to electronics, vitamin D deficiencies, sporadic exercise, etc. With stress comes Cortisol, a is a pesky steroid designed to signal to us that we need help in the form of inflammation and adrenaline. However, when it is released indefinitely due to lifestyle choices, there are some consequences. High levels of cortisol are correlated with fatigue, anxiety, inflammation, insomnia, and pain, to name a few. CBD oil stops cortisol in its tracks, literally. Studies have shown that CBD oil interrupts the release of cortisol, cutting off the pathway completely. 

  • CBD as a supplement

    This is probably the most general, but underrated topic in the CBD world at the moment. I do whole-heartedly believe that within ten years CBD will cease to be known as a product from the illicit marijuana plant. Instead, it will replaced with the knowledge of a natural supplement that we take as a daily vitamin.

  • Weight regulation

    Women gain and lose weight due to stress— and it’s one of the most frustrating things to deal with. Luckily, CBD has been found to regulate our stress response, so it is a good candidate to help women deal with stress-related weight irregularity as well as stress brought on by hormonal imbalances.

  • Exercise

    What about the women that want to conquer the world? The women that are already professional athletes or those avid gym-goers who also happen to wear stilettos? These women want to maintain their optimal energy levels at all times. CBD has been found to help athletes recover after they work out by dissolving lactic acid, increase stamina and increase energy levels overall when taken daily as a supplement.

  • Anxiety and Depression

    Gut flora has been found to affect more than just colitis, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. It is one of the biggest factors that affect levels of anxiety and depression— which women experience twice as often compared to men. CBD has been found to help regulate the gut, which is why when taken orally, can help to manage symptoms of anxiety and depression. The age of pharmaceutical pills is ending— thankfully. Let’s give the world something healthy they can bank on.

  • Sexy CBD I?

    Let’s get straight to the point— sex should include pleasure, always. And sometimes, pain, anxiety and fatigue can get in the way. CBD doesn’t increase sensitivity and awareness as THC does, instead, it can decrease anxiety, tension and pain associated with penetration. It also increases blood flow and energy levels. For those identified as women, CBD daily supplementation can help increase energy levels, lubrication and sensation. This is because it works to balance neurotransmitters in the brain that initiate sexual responses and sustain sexual arousal. However, to experience results CBD oil must be taken religiously as any other medication. Good news! There are CBD lubricants that take effect within minutes.…