Fast Recovery & Reset: CBD

Move like you mean it, and keep going. Cannabidiol (CBD) can be a helping hand to get out of bed in the morning and a step-ladder at 1 o’clock to go for a walk instead of heading down for a nap. When used correctly, CBD can increase energy and help motivate you to take on the outdoors or conquer that pull up bar.

CBD is a wonderful cannabinoid that decreases inflammation and promotes homeostasis. An effective way to increase overall energy levels and get the most out of your exercise routine is to include CBD oil in your daily routine. Used as a supplement, it can benefit your body by loosening up joints, staving off stress and increasing energy. Talk to your doctor about including CBD oil extraction into your wellness routine.

The amount of CBD you consume is dependent on the type of exercise you would like to embark on. High-intensity exercise requires large amounts of CBD to be taken after exercise, while low-intensity exercise such as non-vinyasa yoga, deep-tissue stretching and walking can be complemented with low doses of CBD throughout the day. 

High-intensity exercise such as running, pilates, advanced vinyasa yoga, and weight lifting causes your body to release adrenaline and produce lactic acid. If you’re really looking to push yourself, CBD is the perfect accomplice. It can help you to recover because of its innate therapeutic properties. By decreasing inflammation, it keeps your tendons and ligaments strong and healthy (promotes ample blood flow). It helps you to break up lactic acid, which speeds up the recovery process by allowing growth factors to flooding your muscles instead of inflammatory agents. 

CBD can be integrated into a healthy lifestyle when done correctly— and can even be the driving force for your motivation to move. Taken in healthy doses, CBD can be a supplement that increases your energy stores and mobility. Talk to your physician about how cannabis can be used to increase your quality of life and get moving.