Sexy CBD I?

Let’s get straight to the point— sex should include pleasure, always. And sometimes, pain, anxiety and fatigue can get in the way.

CBD doesn’t increase sensitivity and awareness as THC does, instead, it can decrease anxiety, tension and pain associated with penetration. It also increases blood flow and energy levels.

For those identified as women, CBD daily supplementation can help increase energy levels, lubrication and sensation. This is because it works to balance neurotransmitters in the brain that initiate sexual responses and sustain sexual arousal. However, to experience results CBD oil must be taken religiously as any other medication. Good news! There are CBD lubricants that take effect within minutes. Be sure that the lubricant you use is water-based.

Don’t worry, CBD is for men, too. Men are less likely to talk about sexual performance and pleasure, even though it weighs heavily on how men perceive masculinity. CBD can help increase circulation to sustain and initiate an erection. It also increases energy levels which leads to increased stamina. 

So does CBD work its sexy magic like THC? You be the judge.