You’re Telling Me I Can Walk After Leg Day?

Working out our fine legs ladies is no easy feat (pun intended!). It’s not just bearing the pain of that post-leg day workout: we’ve got to conquer the world, too. Those of us strut our stuff in 6-inch stilettos, take care of patients all day, work from 9-5 or even save some lives from time to time.

So how can you be ready for Round 2? CBD oil is in your corner. Studies have shown that cannabidiol can help reduce the amount of lactic acid build-up after you exercise. More research is needed, but colloquially, athletes use CBD oil as a pre and post- exercise tonic. Depending on your size and level of exhaustion, you could need anywhere from 0.5 mg- 1.0 g of CBD oil per day.

Those who use cannabidiol in their exercise routines report elevated energy levels, increased stamina and faster recovery times. It’s not cheating if it’s natural, right?